Pop Ups

What is popping up?

These are the dynamics of trends, bottom up ideas and emerging technologies or working fields. Think of 3D printing, urban agriculture, big data or cooperative business models. Lots of individuals, teams and businesses are experimenting with them. In all kinds of places, with all kinds of intents and with different degrees of success. Most action is still under the radar but every now and then there is a breakthrough. How to stimulate the right pop ups?

But how does it work?

It starts with buzz
You hear about it, sometimes you read about it. In niches of innovators and early adaptors people are working on it. But what is it exactly and where is it going to? Goals and ideas might differ from person to person. You can’t grab it yet, but you know it might get big.
Collaborative spaces are formed
Often you’ll find pioneers clustering around buildings, machines, ideas and projects. This one 3D printer, this one useful wasteland or this one market opportunity. In doing so they exchange ideas, opportunities and technologies. These collaborative spaces can become accelerators; trends and their impact might get tangible there.
Common content emerges
Working together will most probably lead to a form of common content. Dominant technologies, applications and meanings will emerge. Partly by romantic mechanisms like crossing over and the convergence of ideas, partly by the harsh reality of Darwinism: may the best win.
Linking pins construct the story
In this organic phase of emerging, linking pins will step up. People on the interfaces of networks and working fields will try and connect them. They realize joint flagship projects, organize symposia and showcase this new trend to the world. They formulate the bigger picture and might be your entrance in this new field.

How to deal with popping up?

Be open

To a wide range of ideas and intentions, be open to opportunism. Monitor from a little distance: relevant opportunities will come up by themselves.

Be alert

As soon as special opportunities occur, do not hesitate and join forces. A minor tweak can have a major impact.

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