What is planning?

These are the dynamics of policy makers, city boards and well-planned R&D programs. Starting point is a challenge that is in need of innovative ideas or a larger transition. Think of a city area, an economic sector, a sustainability issue or a social challenge. The ones responsible might decide to invest in creative crossovers as a means to force change and work out a plan. They set goals, budgets, roadmaps, deadlines and contracts. How do you clear the way for creativity in such a formal setting?

But how does it work?

Linking pins open doors
People might be the key: successful examples of planned crossovers are strikingly often directed by project managers who operate in both administration and creative or other industries. Being hybrid, they bring with them a flexible, adaptive way of operating and a large creative network. They tend to make adventures out of plans.
Buzz attracts partners
Let those linking pins do some place making. Let them involve their creative networks and let them work on showcases, publications or other forms of buzz. Let them try and develop these planned challenges into something inciting and tempting. Not everything might be clear and uniform immediately, but this is the beginning of an identity and a first form of appeal.
Collaborative spaces facilitate exchange
The buzz will attract partners: sometimes the ones that were planned and sometimes unexpected but interesting pioneers. Make sure these partners meet each other and offer them collaborative spaces: physical spots and labs where they can get to know each other while working. Try and experiment with co-creations and exchange within these spaces.
Common content as a result
If the partners do meet each other and do experiment, the outlines of a program will emerge. The partners and their projects can help define the beginning of an identity, a mission and a common content. It might slightly differ from the program once planned, but it is now based on intrinsic motivations and has shifted from plan to reality.

How to deal with planning

Plan an adventure

Make sure unplanned things can happen.

Assign linking pins

By assigning the right people, secure flexibility, mobility and creativity.

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