Creative Crossovers in Rotterdam

Creative industries are known for being innovative, mobile and constantly seeking crossovers. But how does it work? How do their ideas affect other sectors? How do they affect the city? Based on literature, interviews and Rotterdam case studies we worked out three forms of innovation dynamics. Plans, probes and pop ups.

In all three scenarios we looked into relevant mechanisms that enhance successful crossover and spillover effects. Common content – overlap in profession, technology and ideas. Collaborative space – the sharing of physical space, machines and labs. Linking pins – the people on the interfaces of different domains or networks. And buzz – that certain-je-ne-sais-quoi and the appeal that always come with creativity.

Info: Janjoost Jullens (Wolfpack, Institute for Social Innovation), Mattijs Taanman (Institute for Social Innovation), Chantal Olffers (City of Rotterdam).